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What the Kings Need

For the second straight, as soon as the D-League Finals wrapped up, Ridiculous Upside morphed itself into SB Nation's NBA draft hub. For the next two months, RU will be home to daily content on the draft, including mocks, prospect profiles, news and more.

To kick it off, RU's Scott Schroeder has asked SBN's team blogs to describe what they need. For Kings fans, this is either an easy question or a very difficult question, depending almost completely on how optimistic one is regarding the team's young players not named Tyreke Evans. If you think the kids are OK, you might be looking to fill specific holes. If you think this team currently has one quality starter, well, you might be asking for everything.

So let's hear it. What are the Kings' most glaring deficiencies, both position-wise and skill-wise? Rec answers you like, vote in the broadly-presented poll and we'll compile some results and hand it over to RU.