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Hope Rides Again

It amazes me that this still happens.  Year after year, if the Kings are in the lottery, I feel this same feeling.  It's difficult to explain to anyone who hasn't experienced it firsthand.  Luckily I know all of you will be able to relate.

There's the excitement.  Particularly last year, there was the excitement of what was possible.  What if?  What if you got the number one pick?  We spent all day today arguing over who we would want with the first pick.  And no matter what tomorrow brings, I wouldn't trade those debates.  Informative, funny, and thorough discussions.  I cherish them.

But there's the other part.  There's the dread.  The dread that comes with being a Kings fan.  The expectation that the worst possible outcome is the likely result.  Last year we could go no lower than 4th, and sure enough we got the 4th pick in what everyone knew was a 2-player draft. 

But then the hope returns.  There was the anguish and arguments when the Kings passed on Rubio to select Tyreke Evans.  And now this year we're debating whether Wall or LeBron could play with Evans.  Amazing how things change.  Amazing how #RekeROY happens.  Amazing how we go from "Who the hell is Jason Thompson?" to "I'd rather trade Spencer than JT."  Fantastic how these things work out.

We're conditioned to expect things to go against us.  But I wouldn't get off this rollercoaster for anything.  Right now we're rounding a blind corner, unsure if we're about to experience a climb or a plummeting fall.  All we can do is hang on and enjoy it.  It's a helluva ride.