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R.I.P. Community Draft Board; Long Live Community Draft Board

A sign that we have gotten too big for our britches, the community draft board is dead. Some jerkwad apparently upset at us set about throwing the results of the No. 2 pick by doing the whole vote-clear cache-vote trick, resulting in a Cole Aldrich victory over Evan Turner, Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins. Well done, sport! We don't have a way of setting polls to take vote from registered members only yet, so there's no reason to make a thoughtful draft board using polls.

But I do have another idea ...

A bunch of us are going to write our own draft boards, and I invite you to participate.

Whip up a FanPost (that's Post, Dave) with your personal draft board. Go up to No. 15. This won't be a mock draft, just a draft board for the Kings. John Wall will lead 75% of these, even though John Wall won't be there at No. 5 for the Kings. The top 15 players on your version of the Kings' draft board in order. (You can go past 15, but 15 is the minimum requirement for this project.)

The most valuable part: explain your draft board! Explain the picks! If you have Cousins over Greg Monroe, explain why. If you have Monroe over Ekpe Udoh, explain why. You don't have to go into deep analysis, but we're all ravenous for draft opinions, so no one will slam you for being too detailed or too excited about a certain player. (Well, some people will still slam you. But you knew that.) Please make an effort on grammar, punctuation and spelling. Make it shine.

Do this in a FanPost between now and June 14. This part is important: make sure you add 2010 STR Draft Board as a tag so we can find all of these later on. That part is really important. Again: make sure you add 2010 STR Draft Board in the tag box.

After June 14, we'll tally the totals for each slot and later present the official StR Consensus Draft Board (no votes needed edition). (That's why you've gotta add that tag.) We'll also each pick our favorite non-staff draft board and promote it to the front page the week of the draft. (That's why you need to make it shine. One "Epke" disqualifies you from winning my pick. Yes, I'm a jerk.)

Does this sound like more fun than clicking a series of radio buttons? It does to me.