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Jim Kozimor Out Again at KHTK

Many of you have heard that KHTK will have a new noon show beginning soon, starring the incredibly popular Don Geronimo, whose Don and Mike Show ran in KHTK's noon slot for years. Don left that show a few years ago, and KHTK subsequently dropped the replacement Mike O'Meara Show in favor of a three-hour show starring Jim Kozimor and Jason Ross.

Since Geronimo is back, Kozimor is out.

I haven't heard about any future roles with the Kings or local media for Koz. You may remember that he was replaced as the Kings' sideline reporter in 2007 when Angela Tsai came to town. He also had a 7-9 PM show on KHTK which was nixed in favor of an earlier slot for StR fanboy Carmichael Dave. 

Koz is fairly popular with Kings fans. Geronimo is incredibly popular with radio listeners, and the ratings boost should be huge. (Not to mention a chance for KHTK to grow national demand for podcasts of the show.) It does, however, remain unlikely Geronimo will devote much time to in-depth Kings topics, so this is a net loss for Kings addicts. (One could argue Koz's Kings talk was pretty superficial, but that's a subjective issue.)

Koz is said to be a great dude (I've never met him), and he has a young family. I, for one, wish him all the best.