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Why is Derrick Favors in Sacramento?

Derrick Favors will work out for the Kings today. I can't really say he is working out with DeMarcus Cousins, although Cousins will also be working out for the Kings today. It's not really one workout. It's two simultaneous workouts. It's like China Mieville's novel The City and The City. I'm not sure Cousins and Favors are even allowed to look at each other, let alone guard each other.

I know why Cousins is working out for the Kings: it's about 50-50 in current thinking he'll be on the board and available at No. 5. The Kings taking Cousins at No. 5 is no sure thing, so Cousins needs to convince the Kings he's worth the so-called risk. Cousins working out for the Kings is equivalent to Tyreke Evans working out for the Kings last year.

But Favors? He's almost assured to be gone by No. 4, if not No. 3. For Favors to slip to No. 5, the Nets and Timberwolves (or whichever teams trade for their picks) would have to take Cousins in front of Favors (extremely unlikely) and either Wesley Johnson or Greg Monroe or Al-Farouq Aminu or someone in front of Favors (extremely nacho unlikely). There are no conceivable situation in my mind in which Favors is available at No. 5, assuming he doesn't have a stand-off with police while he's visiting Sacramento.

I see why the Kings would like to work him out -- you want to work out everyone you can. You'd invite John Wall and Evan Turner for workouts if you didn't fear getting hung up on. But I have no clue why Favors' agent consented to a workout in Sacramento. It'd make sense to me only if Favors' camp wanted to prove he could hang with Cousins and even outplay him. But from what I hear, Favors' camp has laid down the special rules: no one-on-one drills, no media.

It just makes no sense.

I'm not saying the Kings have intimated to Favors' agent (Wallace Prather) the team could try to move up to nab Favors if this workout turns out well. I'm not even sure that'd be an incentive for Favors' camp -- is Sacramento really looking healthier than Philadelphia or New Jersey at this point? It certainly wouldn't fit the Kings' M.O. But outside of something like this, I'm having real trouble figuring out what Favors is doing here.

Consider it a pleasant if maddening surprise.