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What's Your Gut Telling You?


Toonces settles in for 2010 NBA Draft 

OK, forget about all of the hyperbole, conjecture, and theories. Step away from the mock drafts, and stop twittering for a moment. What is your gut telling you? What is the little man inside you trying to convey? You have to listen to the little man!

For this exercise, just go with your instinct. Close your eyes, shut off all outside influences, and let the first five picks just flow out of your pores. I tried it, and for no rhyme or reason, I came up with this:

1. Wall

2. Turner

3. Johnson

4. Cousins

5. Favors

Understand, this is the gut of a 51-year-old Caucasian male - slightly short for his weight and increasingly irritable -  talking. It lacks the expertise of Chad Ford, and it is not plugged in like Woj or Mannix or Thomsen or even Ziller. These picks are the bi-product of 51 years of bad dietary practices, and that should be factored when giving these picks (any) credence.

So, that said, what is your gut telling you? The thread awaits.