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Hassan Whiteside Workout Footage

On June 8th, I attended the Kings first "Big" Workout.  The media was allowed to view some of the workout, and I took the opportunity to shoot the footage, and I came away very impressed by a certain Hassan Whiteside.

Before I could post the video on Sactown Royalty, I received an e-mail from the Kings asking me not to put the workout footage online because of requests from an Agent.  But now that the draft is over, and Hassan is now a member of the Kings, I've asked for and received the permission to post the footage on the site.

So after the jump, the footage of the June 8th workout featuring the #6 pick Ekpe Udoh, #11 pick Cole Aldrich, #29 pick Daniel Orton, #33 pick Hassan Whiteside, and #49 pick Ryan Richards.  The quality isn't the best, as I recorded from my Flip Cam, but it should be good enough to differentiate the players.

Part 1:

Part 2: