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On Cutting Ricky Rubio's Steak, and DeMarcus Cousins

As many have heard, Ricky Rubio confirmed the obvious: he will not be playing for Minnesota next season. Pick your jaw up off the floor, please.

This, of course, has provided new opportunity for anti-Ricky forces to bleat on about how stupid anyone who dug Rubio was. Prime among those anti-Ricky folks: Grant Napear and Mike Lamb.

But the Ricky-Tyreke Evans decision remains irrelevant, because the Kings took Reke and apparently didn't strongly consider Rubio. It's done, and there's no use revisiting it every other week. But something Lamb repeated for the second team in the past month struck me as something worthy of laughs and cringes.

Lamb referenced that when Rubio and his camp had dinner with Kings management that fateful night he visited Sacramento, Mama Rubio cut Ricky's steak for him. Lamb said he knew right there Ricky would not be a King. (I assume Lamb was not at the dinner, and heard the story from someone who was.) Lamb referenced this story just a month ago, and I imagine has called upon it plenty of times since last June. It isn't mentioned on any website or in any story I can find, so I felt as though it should immortalized in the Google cache once and for all.


That brings me to the topic of DeMarcus Cousins, who both Lamb and Mr. Napear -- Tyreke's biggest booster -- said in so many words Friday they would not touch with a 10-foot pole if they ran the Kings. It's a valid stance. It just needs to be documented should the Kings select Cousins and the radio jocks decide next spring to call anyone who thought DMC was a bad apple an idiot.