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Donté Greene vs. Omri Casspi: The Beginning

Technically, last season was the real beginning of the battle for the starting small forward position between third-year livewire Donté Greene and second-year maniac Omri Casspi. But with Andres Nocioni gone, Francisco Garcia needed in the backcourt and assistant coach Mario Elie basically announcing that the staff will be paying close attention to how Greene and Casspi respond to this challenge, the table is really set, beginning today in Las Vegas.

Donté wants to win (he was adamant about this Friday) and Omri wants to win (all the time, at everything, including Connect Four and Boggle). But you know who the real winner will be?


We have wanted this type of potential -- long, athletic, passionate, promising, easy to root for -- for so long. To have two players, either of which we would make a Messiah if they stood alone, competing for what looks like the last available starting spot in our team of the future ... this is grand.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride. But first, vote in the poll below. The fate of the free world depends on it. (Note: does not apply to portion of the world not currently free.)

As of about 1 PM Monday, you can now tell the world how you voted by buying a Team Donte or Team Omri (or both?) t-shirt from the Sactown Royalty store!