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Hassan Whiteside's Contract: 4 Years, $3.8 Million

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Chuck McGill of the Charleston Daily Mail was the first to report the terms of Hassan Whiteside's rookie contract, marking it at four years, $3.8 million. The last two years of the contract are team options. (Thanks to 27freethrows for the FanShot heads-up.)

The terms are basically identical to what DeJuan Blair signed with the Spurs: $850,000 for the first year, $918,000 for the second year, and $986,000 and $1.054 million in the third and fourth years, respectively.

The one quirk which could affect the Kings in a few years (barring changes to this part of free agency), assuming Whiteside develops, is that unlike first-round picks, Whiteside won't be able to negotiate a huge extension after his third year; any extension would be tied closely to his fourth-year salary, which is small. First-round picks can sign extensions based on their maximum salary according to years to service; all other players, including those in Whiteside's position, can sign extensions with starting salaries no more than 110.5 percent of their final year salary on the existing contract.

One more quirk: Whiteside won't be a restricted free agent after the fourth year like a first-round pick would be. He'll be unrestricted, which means the Kings wouldn't be able to sit back and match the best offer. Whiteside, as a second-round pick, could have only been a restricted free agent if his contract went three years or fewer. The Kings will have his Bird rights, and as such can exceed the salary cap (under current rules) to keep him. But they won't have the blanket of RFA to help out. (It's a real trade-off -- the Kings opted for the definitely cheap fourth year over insurance of the risk of losing him in 2014.)