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Sactown Royalty Nights At ARCO Arena - ElectReke BoogieLoo

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Members of Sactown Royalty pose for last year's inaugural StR Night At ARCO Arena.

With the new schedule out, it’s time to start planning this year’s StR Nights at ARCO Arena. For those of you new members, last year Sactown Royalty held two nights at ARCO Arena, landing discount tickets for members. Between the two nights, I believe that we purchased nearly 200 tickets, and that was without a lot of pre-planning. This year we want to get ahead of the pack, so we need to start looking at prospective nights right now.

The first night that sticks out at me is Tuesday, December 21 vs. Golden State. This game will enable the maximum number of out of town members to perhaps get to Sacramento over the holidays and attend the game. In put on this game is welcome in the thread, especially from out of town members.

For the second game, I have found three potential opportunities:

  • Saturday, February 12 vs. OKC

  • Friday, March 18 vs. Philly

  • Friday, April 1 vs. Denver

The Philly game probably fits on the calendar when you look in relation to the season and the 12/21 game, plus it marks the return (not COD, thankfully) of Noc and Hawes. OKC provides a Saturday night game, which might be easiest for the overall group, plus you get the Durantula. The Denver game brings ‘Melo.

I have a call into our ticket agent, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Once we speak, I will provide more information. But as a starting point, if the Golden State game winds up being game #1, which of the following do you prefer as game #2? Oh, and if you have other game suggestions, dump ‘em in the thread. Don’t get too caught up on perks or prices yet, at least until I find out what might be available.