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Kings Ransom: NBA Live '97, Starring Mitch Richmond

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A new feature from Exhibit G. Enjoy! -- TZ

Today we're debuting a new running feature here at Sactown Royalty. With Kings Ransom, I'll be highlighting various Kings memorabilia that I find on the World Wide Web.

I'll include links to where these items are being featured and/or sold. This is in no way an endorsement of the seller or the product, and any attempts to construe these features as such will be heartily laughed and guffawed at.

Our first featured item is NBA Live '97. More after the jump.


This is the PlayStation version of the game (which you may recall originally sold for about $50). Perhaps my favorite part of this listing is the original GameSpot Review. It included this gem:

This realistic action comes to the Playstation via the athletic prowess of Sacramento Kings stars Mitch Richmond and Tyrus Edney through the use of motion capture technology.

I remember owning this game for my Sega (no fancy Playstation for me back in 1997), and playing it for hours on end. Although it was clearly the best basketball game at the time, at no point do I recall thinking it was "realistic". I mostly recall running around constantly holding the turbo button with my 99-everything, Create-A-ExG.