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New Policy: No More Ailene

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Our friend betweentheeyes had a fine suggestion in yesterday's "take the keys away!" thread discussing Ailene Voisin's latest hackjob: eliminate Ailene from Sactown Royalty. Make this a no-Ailene zone.

Over the past few years, commenters have at times requested we stop talking about Ailene or Grant Napear, and I've ignored those calls. Those two characters are important facets of Sacramento Kings culture, especially locally. But bte is right -- Voisin doesn't deserve our attention. She's a hack who can sometimes be good but more often plays for effect and seeks to further her agenda. It's funny, she has a pretty bad batting record at this point -- no Bill Laimbeer, Larry Brown or even Avery Johnson, no Ricky Rubio. But she tries behind the scenes to play a role in the macro operation of the Kings. Multiple sources tell me she's leaned on Colleen "Mama" Maloof to force or encourage the Bros to do certain things with the team; one person close to the team told me she announced in the presence of Geoff Petrie just before the 2009 NBA Draft that if he didn't take Rubio, she'd never let him live it down. Remember the DeMarcus Cousins tummy incident? A source says she did indeed ask to see Cousins' bare stomach in a one-on-one interview. Boogie's agent was reportedly furious afterward.

She's unprofessional behind the scenes, and her work is increasingly vapid, contrary-for-contrary's-sake and misguided. We don't need any of that. With Jason Jones in the saddle for The Bee, and Sam Amick occassionally covering the Kings for FanHouse, and Zach Harper of Cowbell Kingdom and our very own Aykis likely to cover the team live parts of next season, and increased national attention, with all that we don't have a need or time for Voisin's bile.

So this is officially a No Ailene Zone. I won't link to, quote or reference Voisin's work on the front page. You won't discuss it. No FanShots or FanPosts. I'll settle any future scores via comment on or letter to the editor. (rbiegler and I sent in a letter regarding the wonderfully stupid Kayte Christensen column, and the good people at The Bee printed it.) 

Sactown Royalty will be a better place for this.


Oh wait, one last Voisin note. Doc Evans, brother of Tyreke Evans, you have the final word:

Ailene Voisin is the worst writer I've ever read! I think she's bitter cause the Kings didn't draft Rubio! Thank God she's not the GM!

This the final Voisin thread. Please don't be mean to her. Again, she really doesn't deserve the attention.

UPDATE: There are some compelling points in this thread, so a modification of the nascent policy: feel free to FanShot Voisin's column and discuss there, or write a FanPost that involves one of her columns. I'm not going to police the FanPosts and FanShots for this -- that is pretty silly. Just don't expect to see it land on the front page, unless there is a true compelling reason for it be there.