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How Many National TV Games for the Kings?

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The 2010-11 NBA schedule will be released in part tonight at 4 PM PT on NBA TV, with the rest coming out over the next week. A favorite pastime of fans is to see how many times their favored team will appear on national TV (generally defined as TNT, ABC and ESPN -- not NBA TV, which has a far lower subscriber based). A lot of appearances? Mad dap! None or few? We get no respect!

Grant Napear has been predicting for about a week that he'd be surprised if the Kings didn't have 3-5 national TV games this year. I'm a bit less optimistic -- three is tops, but I really think they'll only throw 1-2 on the schedule for the Kings. What do you think?

(It's also worth noting that Napear has been pointing out that the team will open on the road because ARCO Arena is booked during opening week. The official ARCO Arena calendar doesn't show any events on opening week, but he'd know better than I would. He has said it'll be a 3- or 4-game road trip to open up the campaign.)