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Sing For The Moment

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I love this.  As a Kings fan these past few seasons, it has been difficult to find moments to enjoy.  We've enjoyed a few, don't get me wrong.  20-5-5 was incredible, as was last season's comeback against Chicago.  Watching DeMarcus Cousins fall to the 5th pick was a joyous moment, mostly because we so rarely expect the draft to go our way.

And an offseason like this is a time to enjoy.

I look at the arguments we're having right now.  Team Donté vs. Team Omri.  What a wonderful debate to be having.  We've got two young, skilled players with a lot of potential.  I love that we're debating which of these players is going to be our future starter.  Especially since the debate has usually resulted in one player being a great starter and the other being our 6th man.

I love the debates about our frontcourt.  We suddenly have an incredible depth of talent among our big men.  We've got a defensive force in Dalembert, an incredibly efficient offensive players in Carl Landry, a solid big in Jason Thompson, young potential in Cousins and Whiteside.  Amazing, and that doesn't even take into consideration if Donté plays any time at the 4.  We're debating when Cousins will start.  We debate who comes off the bench first.  We debate how the minutes will work out.  Again I say, what a wonderful problem we have!  We have so many talented big men that we can't even figure out how to play them all.

Do we need another guard?  Probably a bench contributor, but between Tyreke Evans, Beno Udrih, and Francisco Garcia, we could have a pretty decent 3-man guard rotation.  Some of that certainly depends on how Garcia comes back, but it could be really good.  But I love that our problem is not who our starters will be, it's finding another guy to come off the bench.

Oh, I need to spend a quick moment on Beno.  At this time last year, he was a pariah.  We all would have been all-too-eager to part with him if we could find a taker.  He was written off as another Mid-Level Failure.  But he turned things around.  He is by no means a superstar or a steal, but he is a solid contributor who plays well with Tyreke.  This turnaround in itself is worth celebrating.

There are still concerns with the team, no doubt about it.  Can Westphal settle his rotations?  Can Tyreke take another leap forward?  How healthy is Cisco?  But we should expect questions at this point.  The team is still young, but they are full of promise.

I'm loving this offseason, but I think this season will truly be something to marvel at.  I can't wait for the days when our offseasons are filled with talk of title hopes.  But the offseasons like this will make those days even better.  As always, I'm trying to temper my expectations for this team, but the future is full of optimism.  This team will surprise people. 

Hopefully they'll surprise even the most optimistic among us.