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Kings Promo Campaign Includes Massive Sign Overlooking I-5

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The Kings have a big promotional campaign for the 2010-11 season kicking off this Thursday. One of the centerpieces is a massive sign on the CalSTRS building in West Sacramento. The sign, currently being installed, will feature Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins and the promo campaign slogan "Here We Rise." It will face I-5 as the freeway approaches downtown Sacramento from the north (and leaves downtown from the south). It is, interestingly enough, right across the freeway from where the NBA hopes to build the next Kings arena in the railyards just off downtown. Let's hope that "Here We Rise" line means something with respect to the arena project.

The sign will cover a good portion of the eastern face of CalSTRS, but fear not office drones: the banner technology used allows cubicle warriors to see outside. The Kings will not be making the lives of Sacramentans darker. At least not until opening night.

All this is in addition to the massive banners hanging on ARCO Arena, further north on I-5. The Evans banner, wrapped around the southwest corner of ARCO, is visible from I-5. The Cousins banner, wrapped around the northeast corner, is visible from the new Natomas location of Five Guys Burgers and Fries (and most of the Del Paso-Truxel village of commerce).

The Kings are unveiling the whole shebang Thursday at CalSTRS.