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Clippers: More Disappointment, or a Breakthrough?

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It is Pacific Division Week in the 2010-11 SBNation NBA Blog Previews series, and Steve Perrin of Clips Nation has his team's preview up.

Steve talks about the Clippers' summer of deflated expectations.

[F]or a fanbase that watched their team and their front office give up on the season and execute trades for the sole purpose of signing free agents, [Ryan] Gomes and [Randy] Foye and [Brian] Cook are more than a little disappointing.

Disappointing, but not necessarily dumb. The Clippers have six players on their roster 22 or younger, including the top pick in the 2009 draft, Blake Griffin, who will be a rookie this season after missing all of last season with a fractured patella, and Eric Gordon, a key member of the Gold Medal winning US team from this summer's FIBA World Championships. Anything short of a home run in free agency this summer would likely have been counter productive - better to maintain some financial flexibility moving forward as let the young players develop and mature than to tie up loads of long term money on overrated or aging name players.

"Maintain some financial flexibility" and "let the young players develop" -- sound familiar? It should be an interesting season for the Clippers, who have as many questions heading into October as any NBA team.