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'ARCO Arena' No More: Sacramento's Gym to Be Renamed in February

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Maloof Sports and Entertainment just announced that ARCO will be replaced as the team's arena naming rights partner when the gas company's contract ends in February. The release doesn't suggest that the Kings have a new sponsor for the gym. Stadium naming rights are vital source of income.

ARCO has graced the Kings' two Sacramento arenas for 24 years. No other NBA team has had the same name for more than 22 years (Detroit's Palace of Auburn Hills debuted in 1988).

There are few major corporations based in Sacramento. The only other corporate-sponsored sporting destination of note in Sacramento is Raley Field, sponsored by locally based supermarket chain Raley's and home to the Triple-A Sacramento Rivercats.

It's unclear why ARCO isn't renewing its deal.

The current ARCO Arena, of course, is a potential future site for the new state fairgrounds, should a plan backed by the NBA be adopted. A new Kings arena would be located near downtown. The 2013-14 season is a target for its opening, should all go according to plan, which is never does.