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Kings Tickets For Sale - Volunteer Blogger Takes Advantage Of Editorial Status

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The following is nothing more than a season ticket holder with access attempting to shill some of his tickets. Disinterested parties should move on, though you run the risk of missing out on boffo yucks in the ticket listings.)

[Update - The Kings are playing a smoke & mirrors game with the actual game pricing at the moment. That is, the price on my tickets may not be the price on the actual individual game ticket. I will honor whatever price they eventually announce - I think that their announcement is coming very shortly. My apologies for any confusion that this may have caused.]

As was the case last year, I have several Kings games for sale. The tickets are located in section 214 (of course!), row G, seats 11-12, 2nd deck, half court view. Anyone that has sat in these seats in the past will verify that the view is the best in the house for the money (not counting buying a $10 ticket and sneaking down into the first few rows of the lower level).

As was the case last year, you may drop me an email if you are interested. The tickets are first come, first serve. Transactions can be handled via PayPal, check sent directly to me, or personal exchange. These are regularly $40.50 seats, but I am charging the variable seat price.

The games are:

Day Date Time Opponent Price (each) Comments
Wed. Nov. 17 7:00 PM New York Knicks  $          33.00 When the tickets I buy take an $8 slide, that's Amar'e!
Wed. Dec. 8 7:00 PM Washington Wizards  $          37.00 John Wall & the pistol packin' pinhead.
Mon. Dec. 27 7:00 PM Los Angeles Clippers  $          37.00 Blake Griffin looks on as Baron Davis gets worked!
Fri. Feb. 4 7:00 PM San Antonio Spurs  $          40.50 $12 ea. for Duncan/Parker/Manu, 50 cents for Jefferson.
Wed. Feb. 9 7:00 PM Dallas Mavericks  $          40.50 The difference between Dick and Dirk is "Rrrrrrrrrr!"
Wed. Mar. 9 7:00 PM Orlando Magic  $          40.50 No markup for Superman? Get me Joe Maloof.
Wed. Mar. 16 7:00 PM Cleveland Cavaliers  $          33.00 Can only afford one game this year and want to be assured of a win?
Fri. Apr. 1 7:00 PM Denver Nuggets  $          40.50 Melo meets his old team (heh).

Thank you for your time and consideration. Go Kings!!!

PS – StR nights will be finalized and delivered within the next 30 days. Remember, those games are 12/21 (Golden State) and 2/12 (OKC).