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Cal Expo Rejects Land Swap; Kings Arena Plan Reels

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In a surprising turn of events, Cal Expo has rejected the plan to move to the current site of ARCO Arena so that developers can turn the current Expo site into a new business/residential center and fund the construction of a new Kings arena downtown. The Cal Expo board received a negative report from a consultant recently, but the developers, city of Sacramento and NBA had asked for an extension so that they could provide an amended plan. Instead of granting the extension, the Expo board denied the plan in total, and will apparently look to sell off part of their land to fund much needed fairgrounds in the future. (Chris Webber voice: "Good luck.")

The Bee's Tony Bizjak reports developer Gerry Kamilos is already working on a back-up plan to potentially sell and develop the current ARCO site and land to help fund a downtown arena. (Chris Webber voice: "Good luck.") Bizjak reports the developers have a 30-day window to submit a new plan to the city, which is working with the NBA to figure this thing out. The NBA could also seek another plan on its own.

This is but the latest setback in a string of setbacks for the prospect of building a new Kings arena in Sacramento. Every setback, though, begets another idea, and even Kenny Thomas can tell you it's impossible to miss every single time you make a shot. One is bound to go in, even if by dumb luck.


UPDATE: The Maloofs have released a brief statement about the vote:

We must continue to work hard to find a solution. We look forward to hearing what are the next steps and options. Right now we are focused on our exciting upcoming season.