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30Q: Will the Maloofs File for Relocation?

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We're asking 30 questions about the Kings' 2010-11 season.

Every training camp now, it seems, there's one devastating question hovering above the team like a cartoon anvil, ready to fall: will this be the Kings' final season in Sacramento?

In fact, this very question showed up in last season's preview series. Back then, it was an arena at Cal Expo that was on the table. The idea blew up in a bad way. Hell, before it was even officially dead Mayor Kevin Johnson was (re-)pitching the difficult idea of building the baby downtown. And we see how that has gone with yesterday's disappointing vote by the Cal Expo board.

Last year, the worried-optimistic spread was 52%-17% here at StR.

The Kings have until the end of February to decide whether to play the 2011-12 season in Sacramento, at (Unnamed) Arena, or to play in another town. We won't know until then if this is the final campaign for the Sacramento Kings ... unless, as they did the past two years, the Maloofs pledge they will not file for relocation.

We all of course hope that's what will happen, that the Maloofs will say that the speed of decision-making has increased and that they are confident Mayor KJ, the NBA and this developer or another can find a solution. Or they can take a wait-and-see approach. At this point, after more than a decade, after repeated failures to get something done by everyone involved, would you blame them if they threw their hands up and fled?

Same question as a year ago.