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Kings Links: What Donte Greene Has to Prove, Hassan Whiteside's ADD

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Marty Mac's World - Donte Greene and Kings have much to prove
Marty McNeal talks to Donte about what he needs to do this year. There's also Geoff Petrie's reaction to Hollinger's preview in there.

Sacramento Bee - Donte Greene adds 25 pounds
Speaking of Donte, he tells Jason Jones he gained 25 pounds this summer. - Kings ticket sales booming
The Kings have sold a ton of season tickets. That's good news with the arena situation at Defcon 5.

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Sacramento Bee - Kings' Evans is driven to improve his jump shot
Jones talks to Evans about that jumper.

Kings Talking Points - Video: Hassan Whiteside answers the ADD question, but leaves us wondering...
I'm sorry, but does anyone else find the presentation of this question just a little ... tasteless? They say bloggers have no couth, but this is a longtime newspaper veteran pulling this bit.

Kings Blog and Q&A - Kings competitive amongst themselves

The Works: Gilbert Arenas Is Not Michael Vick; NBA Watchability Index
This includes our Kings preview as well as the Watchability Index for 2010-11. Kings rate well. Note that Kevin Pelton's SCHOENE projection system predicts 43 wins for the Kings. (And only 44 for the Lakers.)

FanHouse: D-League to Adopt Rule Changes Similar to FIBA, NBA Could Follow Suit
The D-League is adopting a shorter overtime (three minutes instead of five) and FIBA's no-goaltending-once-the-ball-hits-the-rim rule. The NBA could be next. Hassan Whiteside just got more valuable to the Reno Bighorns.

SB Nation DC - Behind Ted Leonsis' $100,000 Fine
In case you missed it, new Wizards owner Ted Leonsis told a luncheon crowd NBA owners will be pushing for a hard cap. Fire up the Chris Webber voice ...

Marty Mac's World - Easier to stop Chris Paul than get an interview with World Wide Wes
Marty's funny tale of trying to get William Wesley to give him the time of day.

The Works - Being Jeff Green; LeBron Adds Insult to Injury; D.C. Dischord
I know we have some Fugazi/D.C. hardcore fans 'round here. We invented the D.C. Dischord, assigning a handful of D.C./Baltimore-bred players (including Donté) a track from a Dischord Records artist.