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30Q: Will DeMarcus Cousins Have Attitude Problems?

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We're asking 30 questions about the Kings' 2010-11 season.

The world -- well, the basketball world -- will be watching DeMarcus Cousins to see if he will at some point blow up and make the Kings look like idiots for "rolling the dice" with him. Some may actually be rooting for a DeMarcus detonation, particularly those GMs who passed on DMC and the fans of those GMs' teams. And yes, I am talking about Minnesota.

Boogie is not a criminal -- he's never had so much as a slap on the wrist, something not all of his heralded University of Kentucky teammates could say. Boogie is not a diva -- no one has been more glowing in their review of Cousins than high school coach Otis Hughley and college coach John Calipari. Boogie is feisty, an attribute that lives on the Soft-Tough Scale, somewhere toward "spicy" but higher than "tame." He's not tame. If that's a bad sign, call me Susie.

But still, the conventional wisdom remains: Cousins is a ticking timebomb. Is that all complete bullsh-t? Is it all made up? Or are we blinded by our love for team and hope for tomorrow that we ignore the signs supposedly staring us in the face?

What do you think?