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Tyreke Evans Hopes to Recreate Magic As Kings Visit Nuggets

The Sacramento Kings have got the loving feeling. Can it last with another win to start 2011? Tyreke Evans and the Kings visit the Denver Nuggets in Carmelo Anthony's return to action to test the magic.


It appears the Kings will remain with a lineup including Beno Udrih, Tyreke Evans, Francisco Garcia, Carl Landry and Samuel Dalembert, with Omri Casspi, Pooh Jeter and DeMarcus Cousins receiving major minutes off the bench.

Denver's lineup is a mess due to injury, as explained below.


HighTops has your scouting report.

Carmelo Anthony is back. He missed the last several games due to the death of his sister. He returned to the team Thursday, and will play tonight. He only ended up playing against the Kings once last season due to injury. He scored 34 on 15-35 shooting at Sactown Royalty Night I.

He's, as you know, a marvelous scorer with an array of moves from 18 feet and in. A real chore.


That said, the battle will be won or lost up front, I think, and that depends on who of the Nuggets plays. Kenyon Martin and Nene are both questionable. Al Harrington is doubtful. On Wednesday, Denver started Melvin Ely and Shelden Williams up front. Yeah. They still won thanks to Chauncey Billups' 36 points. But Melvin Ely and Shelden Williams. Yeah. Our bigs have to exploit units like that.


DeMarcus Cousins. I won't blame you for being fixated on Tyreke Evans to see if he can put together another rollicking performance. I'm begging to see some "one step forward, another step forward" action from DMC.


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The game starts at 6 PM Pacific. We have game threads at 6 and 7:30. Go Kings, go!