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Kings Hope to Shoot Into Win Column at Warriors

The Kings try, try again against the Golden State Warriors on Friday night, hoping to earn a road win against a team not a whole lot better than Sacramento (7:30 PM, CSN California). The Warriors are indeed better; Monta Ellis is playing twice as well as any King right now, and with the way things have gone for the Kings there's no single position at which you give the Kings an advantage. (I know: DeMarcus Cousins is indeed better than Andris Biedrins. But Cousins has been erratic on the court. You willing to be on whether 8-15 DeMarcus or 3-11 DeMarcus will show up?)

The Warriors have twice as many wins than the Kings, which says more about the Kings than it does the Warriors, but hey, the Warriors really aren't bad. In the West, 18-23 gets you 12th place. Golden State would be a solid No. 7 in the East. Life is unfair, but it goes on. It's a familiar story for the Warriors. They play solid offense (12th in the NBA, largely thanks to Ellis, Stephen Curry and Dorell Wright) and awful defense (28th). The Warriors are No. 25 in the league or worse in shot defense, defensive rebounding (despite David Lee) and fouling. They (and by "they" I mean "Ellis and Curry") force plenty of turnovers, but ... that's it. You can score on them ...

... if you can score, that is, which is something the Kings can do but don't do consistently. Golden State's porous defense could either be a salve for Sacramento's woes, or further indictment. The Kings have been competitive in just about every game the past few weeks (Boston massacre aside). As such, I think the Kings have a good shot at lighting up Oracle.

But can they prevent the Warriors from doing the same? We'll see.

(And no, there's no way we're going to discuss the last time the Warriors and Kings played. Nuh uh.)

Check out HighTops' excellent scouting report. Game threads at 7:30 and 9.