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Here We Stay: Sacramento City Council Meets Tuesday

I asked Blake Ellington, leader of the Here We Stay movement and the blogger at Bleed Black and Purple, to share some notes about Tuesday's Sacramento City Council meeting, in which Here We Stay will be out in full force to show that fans want the city to pursue a path to a new arena the right way. I encourage y'all to attend if you can make it. - T.Z.


Instead of getting ahead of ourselves and losing sleep over relocation rumors, Kings fans should focus their attention on the things they can control. That includes getting involved in the arena process by attending the Jan. 25 Sacramento City Council meeting at 6 p.m.

That is, after all, the epicenter of this debate - where the money (developers) is and where the decision-making goes down.

Item 15 on the discussion calendar of the meeting's agenda for Jan. 25 is the SacramentoFIRST Task Force's report on the sports and entertainment complex proposals, mainly the recent selection of developer David Taylor's arena plan.

Public comment is taken (two minutes maximum) on items listed on the agenda when they are called.

Here We Stay, a local grassroots movement dedicated to helping the elected officials of the Sacramento area, the NBA and the Kings get a new sports and entertainment facility built will be attending the meeting as the "fan representatives." The first 25 Here We Stay "fans" will receive a free T-shirt. For more information visit

If fans want to do something about this arena saga and end the cycle of reactionary hysteria, the council chambers are waiting. Kings fans have a stake in this and they can utilize the one option they have at their disposal, public discourse.