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Bobcats Visit Kings, Wonder If They Turned Off Their Ovens

Joyous in success, the Kings return to Sacramento to meet the visiting Charlotte Bobcats. The 'Cats are 17-25, but 8-6 since Paul Silas took over toward the end of December. Charlotte commences a six-game road trip with tonight's game; visits to Phoenix, Oakland, the Clippers, Utah and Detroit follow. (No, I don't know why the Bobcats play the Suns tomorrow, then return to Northern California for a Friday game against the Warriors.)

The Kings won Monday thanks to defense and Tyreke Evans' timely (and effective) offense. Luckily for the Kings, Charlotte's offense is dreadful, third worst in the NBA. Unluckily, Charlotte's best offensive player right now might be D.J. Augustin, point guard. The Kings' biggest defensive hole? Point guard.

Likewise, the Bobcats are strongest defensively as shooting guard with Stephen Jackson; that's Reke's match-up, and it will be a test. Jackson may also take issue with the wonderful energy of Omri Casspi, who is indeed still in the league, Cap. Up front, the Bobcats counter the Kings' deep but flawed unit with Nazr Mohammed and Kwame Brown. Good times.

Check out HighTops' scouting report, please, and tune in at 7 PM Pacific. Game threads at 7 and 8:30.