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Kings March Toward Greatness, With Hornets Blocking the Path

All my hardcore Sacramento brothers know Pythagoras was a punk. That's why my chart showing how difficult the the Kings' upcoming schedule will be was so dumb. Pythagoras don't know what's up!

An updated chart.


The Kings are sure to come away from this 12-game gauntlet with at least one win, thanks to Friday's victory over the Lakers. The Hornets are incredibly hot (10 straight wins), but even if New Orleans is as good as the Lakers, this one's in Sacramento. The Kings are flying high -- they held on against a top-flight team! -- and ARCO, if it's something approximating full, should be gunned up.

If the Kings have aims on winning, keeping Chris Paul in deferential mode is key, and limiting David West to contested 18-footers is key. I don't anticipate that the Kings' big men will score as frequently or efficiently as they did in L.A., but the guard play should be improved. We'll see if Monty Williams moves Trevor Ariza onto Tyreke Evans, or keeps him on Omri Casspi duty.

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