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Kings Actually Like Omri Casspi, Shockingly Enough

I fear we're too late, as both Marc Stein and Sam Smith have trotted out reports that the Knicks and Bulls are hot on Omri Casspi. The second-year forward is a minor marketing force thanks to being the first Israeli in the NBA, not to mention the league's highest profile Jew. (Sorry, Jordan Farmar.) He also happens to be a nice young player with a good outside shot, solid rebounding skill and energy galore. He's 22, and looks like he'll be a starting NBA small forward by the time all is said and done.

That the Knicks, Bull and 27 other teams like the cut of Omri's jib is not surprising, because hey! The Kings like him, too.

That's why these or any rumors about Casspi are silly. As commenters have already said on this site, the Kings are not going to trade Casspi for another small forward that isn't substantially better or more promising, or a low first-round draft pick, or anything but a player the Kings really really like at a need position (point guard, basically). A low first for Omri? Omri was a low first, and Geoff Petrie and his team of scouts hit a solid base knock in drafting him. Given the track record of most picks in the 20s, there's no way the Kings go back up to bat at the cost of Omri. It'd be foolish, especially given the current age of the group and the need for productive wing players.

This isn't to say Casspi couldn't be traded; the Kings are begging for a point guard, and I could see the team blowing its payload on a veteran high-dollar small forward if the offer is attractive enough. But trading Casspi on a lark, because other teams like him? No no no. Not happening.