Dalembert's Current Market


We've previously rounded up chatter for possible Samuel Dalembert destinations, as it's been rumored he could be on the move by the trade deadline. And as ESPN's Marc Stein reported in the Weekend Dime, the Kings are still open to moving the center, but it comes with some caveats. Stein explains:"The Kings, sources say, are open to moving big man Dalembert during the next 27 days before the deadline, but they remain unwilling to take back anything other than expiring contracts to preserve maximum flexibility on the other side of a new collective bargaining agreement ... unless someone wants to donate a star. With Dalembert possessing an expiring contract valued at $13.4 million, it's not easy to find a match that keeps the Kings in the same cap position as they are now." I for one would love to re-sign Dally next year for the right price, unless a trade comes through that will improve us significantly. I like his game a lot, and he seems to mesh well with all our bigs not named JT.