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NBA Lockout Talks Fail To Save Season Start; David Stern Cancels First Two Weeks

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Say goodbye to opening night ... and the night after opening night ... and the next few nights after that ... and maybe all of the nights. David Stern announced late Monday that the first two weeks of the regular season have been cancelled as the NBA lockout talks held Sunday and Monday couldn't result in an agreement. If you want to see a healthy Tyreke Evans, a second year of DeMarcus Cousins and a professional Jimmer Fredette, then the NBA is not for you.

Eight Sacramento Kings games were casualties of the cancellations. They are:

  • November 2 vs. the Rockets (see ya, K-Mart)
  • November 4 at the Warriors (Evans vs. Curry, part 0)
  • November 5 vs. the Hornets (too bad, CP3)
  • November 7 vs. the Lakers (stay home, Mamba)
  • November 9 vs. the Cavaliers (missed you, Omri)
  • November 11 at the Timberwolves (let the rivalry not begin!)
  • November 12 at the Bulls (what up, D-Rose?)
  • November 14 at the Grizzlies (sigh)

We could very well lose half or all of the season at this point. I'd say "stay tuned," but you're probably OK to follow the NHL for a while. Fear The Fin is your local friendly Sharks blog.