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Presenting: Sactown Royalty Risk!* League

We don't need the NBA to have fun, y'all. To maintain community fun during the lockout, we're starting up the Sactown Royalty Risk!* League. Risk!, as you surely know, is the greatest board game ever. The asterisk is because we'll be playing on the excellent It's a free Risk!-based online game that is pretty much like playing Risk! exactly except for trademark stuff. Note that Conquer Club does have premium memberships for $25 per year, but that you are not required to purchase one to get into our goofball league. (Premium membership lets you play real-time games and sign up for as many simultaneous games as you'd like. Without premium: no real-time games, four games max at a time. Our league won't use real-time games and will only take up two spots at a time.)

Instructions on joining the league below the jump.

Step 1 To World Domination: Sign up in the comments to this thread. Saying "I want to play!" will suffice. If you're fancy, "I request the opportunity to compete" is cool. If you're lo-fi, "In" works. Under no circumstances will "First!!1" or "Evers Burns" be deemed an acceptable request to join. Feel free to create your account on CC before or after announcing your intentions to complete -- once you have a CC account name, drop it in this thread.

Step 2 To World Domination: Wait for your first game assignments. If there's enough interest, this should come in a day or so. If not, we'll be required to torture some community members into joining, and it may take until the weekend or so. Once we do assign games, please join ASAP. We're not using private games/passwords at this stage, and we don't want non-SRRL competitors jumping into our fun.

Step 3 To World Domination: Play! If you haven't played Risk! before, bone up on the rules and strategies. Know that we'll be playing flat rate, manual deployment, chained reinforcements, sequential, no round limit games on Classic map. Maybe we'll do an All-Star Game or something on a different map. But ain't no regular season games on an aircraft carrier, nahmean? Winner earns 10 points, runner-up takes 5, third place takes 2 and fourth place takes 1. Those who finish 5-8 get nothing. We'll try to keep two games going at a time for each player, though obviously some games will end earlier than others. Specifically those games that I win. Other games will likely take a while.

Step 4 To World Domination: Beat Ziller, which ha ha, very funny, kid. There is no Step 4, because World Domination is impossible unless you are I.

There's no real connection to Kings basketball here, so I do encourage players to take Kings-related handles as their "team names". I, for instance, am "MaltWilliams". We'll try to keep player names and StR handles organized in our standings, etc.

Sign up! Let's play!



MaltWilliams (Tom Ziller)
BenchMob (madzillagd)
otis29 (otis29)
TyrekesID (Exhibit G)
PurpleWarroom (rubenho)
MoreMikkiMoore (Shizzo)
Widowwolf (Widowwolf)
SwimmerBaguette (Aykis16)
ExasperatedPaul {yokosolo)
JackieChristie (PTRCKRDFRD)
bobtheautomator (bobtheautomator)
jveezy (jveezy)
redflags (aizen07)
chilibean_3 (chilibean_3)
thatjwfeeling (thatjwfeeling)
henryclemente (henryclemente)
DougChristieKO (DougChristieKO)
tomroadrunner (tomroadrunner)
MJ5 (MJ5)
DivacsFloppers (ShahneB)
NaPG (edm7)
seanmay (swoosh91)
VFettke (vfettke)
beast8192 (Lucas Myers)
teamDonaghy (Joseph Sanchez-Aguilar)
juanprimo (Juan Primo)
Kfan in Korea (Kfan in Korea)