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Team D.C. vs. Team Philly: Saturday, 3 PM Pacific

Tyreke Evans and Jason Thompson will face off against their Sacramento Kings teammate DeMarcus Cousins on Saturday in the Battle For I-95 (Part 2) in Washington, D.C. Team Philly won the first Battle For I-95, but that was against the Baltimore-based Melo League team, starring Donte Greene, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Chris Paul. D.C. also has a killer lineup, with Kevin Durant and John Wall on board to go with Cousins.

iLink Sports says it is streaming the game at 3 PM Pacific for 99 cents. (What a deal.) Evans has been a load of fun to watch in these charity exhibitions, and with Kyle Lowry in the backcourt with him, Philly's actually a solid team. I've never dealt with iLink Sports before, for the record. Not sure how smooth the payment process will be.