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Sactown Royalty Risk* League: Standings And Round 2 Game Links

One game is in the books! The DARKO THUNDER game finished in record time, as jveezy reigned superior. We don't want bye weeks this early on, so despite there being three Round 1 games still going, we're going to open up four games for Round 2.

We're going to do it a bit differently. We'll provide the four game links before, and you join whichever one you'd like. We don't necessarily want the same groups reconvening, but there should be some randomization by default. Join just one of the games, and do so even if your Round 1 game is still going.

Below the jump: standings and Round 2 links.


Team Games Played 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Points
Jveezy 1 1       10
TyrekesID 1   1     5
DivacsFloppers 1     1   2
beast8192         1 1
SwimmerBaguette 1         0
MoreMikkiMoore 1         0
henryclemente 1         0


Jveezy soars into the lead! Here are the Round 2 links. Remember: everyone joins just one. (If you missed out on Round 1, please do join.)

Game A:

Game B:

Game C:

Game D: