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Your Top 50 Sacramento Kings


With the selection of Joe Kleine at #50, we've completed a process that began all the way back on August 15th, ranking nearly a quarter of the players that have suited up in a Sacramento Kings uniform.

We're not done yet though.  Unfortunately, the lockout rages on, leaving us with a lot of free time on our hands.  Someone suggested that we continue to vote and rank for Kings until the lockout ends, which would mean possibly ranking all 210 players in the case of a missed season.  

For now though, we're going to take a little break before we continue.  We might do a different ranking for a couple weeks or so, perhaps on the Top 10 Sacramento Kings (non-players edition) or Top 10 Moments in Sacramento Kings history or something.  Maybe both. Feel free to suggest other ideas in the comments.

As for the Top 50 Kings, the full list is after the jump, as well as on the left-hand sidebar.  Nobody is going to agree with the rankings 100% (Ziller has already docked me $3,000 Zillerbucks for not including Donté Greene in the vote), but I think that overall, we did a pretty good job.

1. Chris Webber
2. Mitch Richmond
3. Vlade Divac
4. Peja Stojakovic
5. Mike Bibby
6. Wayman Tisdale
7. Doug Christie
8. Reggie Theus
9. Bobby Jackson
10. Kevin Martin
11. Jason Williams
12. Brad Miller
13. Ron Artest
14. Lionel Simmons
15. Tyreke Evans
16. Corliss Williamson
17. Spud Webb
18. LaSalle Thompson
19. Otis Thorpe
20. Eddie Johnson
21. Brian Grant
22. Walt Williams
23. Kenny Smith
24: Scot Pollard
25: Beno Udrih
26: Antoine Carr
27: Rodney McCray
28: Danny Ainge
29. Jon Barry
30. Olden Polynice
31. Lawrence Funderburke
32. Shareef Abdur-Rahim
33. Francisco Garcia
34. Hedo Turkoglu
35. John Salmons
36. DeMarcus Cousins
37. Jason Thompson
38. Bonzi Wells
39. Mike Woodson
40. Ricky Berry
41. Duane Causwell
42. Michael Smith
43. Harold Pressley
44. Tyus Edney
45. Sarunas Marciulionis
46. Carl Landry
47. Jim Jackson
48. Marcus Thornton
49. Cuttino Mobley
50. Joe Kleine

TO BE CONTINUED?!? (I hope not. End the Lockout.)