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Goon Squad Classic: November 20 At UC Davis

The Goon Squad Classic, Sacramento's answer to the NBA lockout charity games sweeping the nation, will be held on November 20 at UC Davis. Donte Greene has led the charge. (Who feels like a jerk for leaving him off of the Top 50 now, huh?) Also expected to attend: Tyreke Evans, DeMarcus Cousins, Jason Thompson, J.J. Hickson, Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, Jonny Flynn, Hassan Whiteside and more.

Stay tuned for more info. Let's all hope the lockout ends ASAP and there are real live NBA games to attend by Nov. 20. If not, it's good to know pro basketball players will be ready to entertain and raise money for a good cause.

UPDATE: Darnell Jackson is in, too. They are working on Jimmer Fredette.