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NBA Lockout Update: Revenue Sharing Could Kick $15 Million Per Year To Teams Like Kings

New York Times reporter and noted UC Davis alum Howard Beck cites a source who says that the NBA's new, as-yet unratified revenue sharing plan could kick as much as $15 million per season to small-market teams. The Sacramento Kings will have the No. 21 market in the NBA in terms of size once the Nets move to Brooklyn in 2012. Sacramento also has the smallest corporate base in the NBA and a fairly low wealth ratio, so it's reasonable to assume that the Kings will be strong beneficiaries of the new revenue sharing plan.

Who will be paying the bill? Uncle Dr. Jerry Buss and James "J.D." "Jimmy" Dolan. Beck reports that the L.A. Lakers and New York Knicks will be kicking in up to $50 million and $30 million per season, respectively. With that money and a new arena, the owners of the Kings will be able to turn a profit when the team is good. (Arguably, the team should be able to profit even in the down times, though we'll see how a new arena boosts attendance in down cycles.)

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