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Gavin Maloof Represented Kings At Owners' Meetings

As NBA owners collected in New York on Wednesday and Thursday last week, there was a question as to whether the Sacramento Kings would be represented. It turns out that they were, as Gavin Maloof made an appearance.

Rumors spread around Thursday that the Kings had no rep in town, leading to even more speculation that the Maloofs are on their ways out of the NBA. But Gavin did fly in and participate. It's unclear exactly where he and the family stand on the major issues separating the league and the players' union in lockout negotiations.

Mayor Kevin Johnson reiterated this week that the lockout, while disappointing, has no bearing on local arena talks. The city is still moving forward in negotiations with AEG and ICON/Taylor to develop and run a new arena in the Railyards in downtown Sacramento. December 13 looks to be the next big date on the calendar.

The Maloofs have reportedly not been directly involved in the arena talks, with the NBA instead sending representatives to meetings with AEG and the city.