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Blazers Rumored To Be Interested In Geoff Petrie, But Portland Hasn't Asked Kings For Permission To Talk To GM

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski discussed the Portland Trail Blazers GM situation in the middle of lighting Blazers owner Paul Allen up on Friday. (Allen was sent into mediated NBA lockout talks Thursday afternoon to ensure the owners kept a hard line on a 50-50 revenue split. He didn't say a word to the players, apparently. Woj reports that Allen has lost interest in the team and is stripping the club's expenses down to sell.)

Portland couldn't land Ed Stefanski, and Woj reported that Utah Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor was a target. ESPN's Marc Stein tweeted Saturday that other executives around the league have rumored that the Blazers are interested in not only O'Connor, but also Sacramento Kings president of basketball operations Geoff Petrie. (Petrie, of course, played for and ran the Blazers for a long period of time.)

But Stein then reports that the Kings say Portland hasn't requested permission from Sacramento to speak to or interview Petrie. It's not clear whether Petrie would be interested, either. Petrie is signed through 2012-13, and reportedly makes about $1 million per season.