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NBA Lockout Continues; David Stern Says There's No Chance For 82-Game Season

All of that optimism was for naught, as the NBA lockout talks held Friday fell apart, leaving two more weeks of regular season games cancelled. David Stern cancelled games through November 30 and told a live national TV audience that there is no chance for an 82-game season at this point.

The Sacramento Kings will remain on ice, with the entertainment and sports complex to occupy fans' minds. Basketball is not, apparently, around the corner.

The two sides disagree on why the talks broke up on Friday, with the players' union accusing the owners of maintaining a 50-50 revenue split ultimatum while Stern said that Billy Hunter, the union's director, walked out when asked to go below 52 percent. There are also no further meetings scheduled, and reports suggested Derek Fisher was on his way back to Los Angeles and Wolves owner Glen Taylor (chairman of the NBA board of governors) was flying back to Minneapolis.

Sigh. This sucks.