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NBA Lockout: Do, There Is No Try

The commish and players' union officials will meet Sunday to try to hammer out an NBA lockout at the absolute last minute. If there isn't a deal by Monday, David Stern has said he will cancel the first two weeks of the regular season, which would lop off the Kings' first season-opening home game since 2003, nix Omri Casspi's return to Sacramento and kill a visit from the Lakers.

If there is a deal, we can expect one of the biggest free agent periods since 1998 to begin for the Kings within roughly a week or two. We aren't exactly sure what Geoff Petrie will be chasing or how much he'll be allowed to spend in free agency or on the trade market. But the team has the flexibility with talent and cap space to really mix it up.

There's also the matter of, you know, $4 billion in league revenue at stake. Small matters worthy of a pissing match, I'm sure.

What do you think? Will we get a deal?