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Kings Hire Bobby Jackson and Keith Smart as Assistant Coaches

The Kings today sent out a press release announcing that they have hired former Sacramento Kings player Bobby Jackson and former Golden State Warriors Coach Keith Smart as Assistants to Paul Westphal's staff.

We knew about Bobby since yesterday, and this doesn't come as a surprise to me as he's been kind of an "unofficial" coach for the team the last few years while serving as a scout. I look forward to seeing him on the sideline once again.

Smart was a long time Assistant Coach for the Golden State Warriors before being promoted to their Head Coach last year.  He also was an interim Head Coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers before that.

Ailene Voisin of the Bee reports that Jackson is replacing Truck Robinson. I am currently seeking clarification on the status of the other Kings Assistants, namely Jim Eyen (who I believe is under contract), Mario Elie, and Otis Hughley.

UPDATE 12:20 PM: The current Kings coaching staff is Jim Eyen, Bobby Jackson and Keith Smart.  Elie, Hughley and Robinson's contracts were all up as of this year, and as of yet, they have not been retained.

UPDATE 1:25 PM:  According to Sam Amick, Mario Elie is expected to sign with the New Jersey Nets.  Best of luck to Mario if this turns out to be the case.