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Power Balance Owes Kings $100,000, And Other Fun Facts About Sacramento's Arena Sponsor

Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee followed up on the Power Balance bankruptcy protection story today, and while he doesn't have contract terms for the naming rights agreement between the bracelet hawkers and the Sacramento Kings, he reports that court filings show that PB owes the Kings $100,000.

But the Kings aren't secured creditors, so whether that cash ever comes in remains to be seen. The state of the remaining 4-1/2 years on the naming rights deal is also unknown, though the Kings (who really have no choice but to grin and bear it) and Power Balance insist everything will be fine.

In reality, once you get past Power Balance's insistence it has a viable line of products that will survive continued litigation, the Kings are going to need a new sponsor for The Arena Formerly Known As ARCO. Even if a new arena is built downtown, we're looking at three or four seasons before it opens. Who's betting that Power Balance survives three or four more years?

As Lillis concludes, this uncertainty isn't a franchise killer, but for a team struggling to make any money, it hurts.