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Tyreke Evans Signs With Virtus Roma During NBA Lockout

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Tyreke Evans has agreed to a deal to play for Virtus Roma in Italy during the NBA lockout, the team announced (via Sportando). The deal has an NBA out which will allow Evans to return to the Sacramento Kings when the lockout ends, which is the same for every player under NBA contract who receives FIBA clearance to play for another league.

At Rome, Evans will compete in the Italian league, Lega A. Roma does not compete in the Euroleague, so you won't see Tyreke match up with the very best teams in the Old World. But a number of talented players (Danilo Gallinari, Bo McCalebb) do play in the league.

Roma is currently 13th in the 17-team Lega A with a 3-4 record. It's unclear when Evans will debut -- and whether a lockout deal will be reached in advance of that -- but Roma's next game is against Bennet Cantu on Sunday, followed by a game against Pepsi Caserta on December 4.