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The NBA lockout is over, as a tentative deal has been reached. I understand you may be a little skeptical given how awful this has all seemed, but look, it's David Stern and Billy Hunter living together like friends not enemies! Thereis a tentative agreement in place, with all the details to leak out soon. The season will begin on December 25 -- Christmas Day; warn the families -- and free agency will be coming soon. That means s--t is going to happen really fast for the Sacramento Kings: the crunched free agency period could see the roster twisted up, with training camp following quickly on and the season just weeks away.

Things are about to get really crazy, but in a good way. Now lietothegirls and I can be friends again! So many unintended consequences of the deal!

While basketball doesn't begin until Dec. 25, here in Sacramento our fight to save pro basketball continues this week. Leading up to the huge Dec. 13 City Council meeting, be prepared to be asked to help out in a couple ways. We don't want this late opening night to be our last opening night in Sacramento.

Basketball! F--k yeah!