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Here We Stay: Letter Campaign For December 13 Meeting

The Dec. 13 Sacramento City Council meeting will include the results of a study conducted by city-hired consultants to develop a contract to lease 8,000 public parking spaces in downtown Sacramento. The lease of the spaces has the potential to generate millions of dollars for a new entertainment and sports complex. At the meeting, the council also will likely be asked to vote to move forward with a search for a company to lease the spots to.

The Here We Stay campaign, a local movement dedicated to helping get a new entertainment and sports facility built here in Sacramento, is asking residents of the region to email (copy and paste) the below letter of support for a new facility to all of the members of the Sacramento City Council.

The e-mail addresses are:

To email the mayor, use this form:

Here is the letter to copy and paste:


Dear Council Member,

I am writing to express my optimism about a new entertainment and sports complex and my dissatisfaction with the fact that Sacramento is ranked as one of the five most miserable cities in the nation, according to

We as citizens, and you as our representatives, have an opportunity to change that ranking and alter the future of our region forever. Creating jobs, economic growth, and building a cultural hub for generations to come is important to me and my family, and a new entertainment and sports complex would provide all of that.

No matter your current position on building a new complex in the downtown rail yards, I ask you to please keep an open mind and urge you to consider moving forward with the financing plan at the Dec. 13 council meeting.

We are at a fork in the road as a city, and if we choose to revitalize our downtown, we can build our way out of this recession and make Sacramento a destination.

Let's make history together and show the rest of the country that we are one of the most exciting places to live.

Thank you for your time,

(Your Name Here)
Here We Stay