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NBA Free Agency Gets Warmed Up: Teams, Agents Can Start Talking Wednesday

As noted in the FanShot below, NBA free agency essentially begins on Wednesday as team executives are allowed to talk to the agents of free agent players. The NBA has banned verbal offers and agreements. That seems wholly impossible to enforce, so long as GMs, agents and players are careful not to be quoted over the next week and change. Deals can be signed and announced beginning on December 9, next Friday.

S--t's going to get real quickly.

For the Sacramento Kings, Marcus Thornton remains the priority, though the team has the luxury to wait for the market to cool off given his restricted FA status. (As a restricted FA, Thornton is able to sign an offer sheet with any team once December 9 hits. But the Kings will have three days to match the offer. If they do so, Thornton's a King under the terms on the offer sheet.)

Sam Amick also said that Samuel Dalembert is a potential returnee, and we all know Geoff Petrie will have a surprise or two in store. Whether that will be a big name (Nene, Tyson Chandler), a big trade or a serious of WTF moves ... we'll see.

Strap it up. Let's go.