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J.J. Hickson Reportedly Lasts Just One Game At B'Nei Hasharon

J.J. Hickson's career in the Israeli league is reportedly complete. Noam Schiller, who writes for Hardwood Paroxysm and Cowbell Kingdom, tweets that Hickson has been cut after just one game because he was late for two straight practices. Schiller cites Hebrew-language reports from Israel.

Hickson put up solid numbers in his Hasharon debut last week, but was a stunning -44 as the team got whooped. He had replace the Wizards' Trevor Booker as the team's power forward after Booker suffered an injury, but it doesn't seem as if it was a good fit.

Hickson was the only member of the Sacramento Kings to sign overseas during the NBA lockout to this point. Earlier in the lockout, there were rumors about Marcus Thornton considering offers in China.