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Game 1 Is Tonight

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For Sacramento basketball fans, the season is on. Tonight, the Sacramento City Council will hear the staff report on the initial valuation of the expected contribution of the leasing of Railyards-area parking facilities. This is a huge piece of the funding puzzle.

Think Big Sacramento and Here We Stay have asked fans to fill the meeting. Please, heed that call. We lost two votes on a minor resolution a couple months ago to fund research into the funding mechanisms. We're getting into brass tacks now. We need every vote we can get on that panel. And that means we need every resident we can muster showing the council how important this is to the people of Sacramento. We need to make a statement, the same statement we made last February at the first Here We Stay game and in April at the second Here We Stay game and on the final day of regular season, where we refused to go away. We need to show Kevin Johnson and the Think Big crew that all of this work to get us here was not in vain, that we remain by their side. We need to make a statement.

We need you to make statements. If you feel comfortable making a public comment on your support for the funding plan and further research into the parking evaluation, please speak to the council during open comment. Your voice matters. Federal inertia, political scandals and big money campaigns tend to make citizens believe that our voices don't really count. But at the local, granular level, they absolutely do. If we have a presence at in the Council Chambers, our voices will matter tonight. If we keep plugging, keep fighting against Anaheim, Sandy Sheedy's dirty push-polling and the Maloofs' wanderlust, we will win. But we have to fight.

Henry Samueli doesn't want you to fight. George and Adrienne Maloof don't want you to fight. Saucy Youngfellow doesn't want you to fight. Sandy Sheedy doesn't want you to fight. But Sacramento does. Sacramento needs you. Tell your friends and bring them along. Without this plan advanced, this will be the final season of the Sacramento Kings. We don't want that. We can prevent it. Let's do this.

The council meets at 6 p.m. at 915 I Street in downtown Sacramento.