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24Q: How 'Watchable' Will The Kings Be?

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The 2010-11 Kings were imminently watchable ... unless you were a diehard Kings fan who had to watch that team three or four times a week. For those a bit removed from the daily grind of Kings Basketball, the promise and flashes of brilliance from Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins were great fun. For those of us rising and falling with each possession, the limitations of the stars and the club were maddening.

As the team improves, the lows shouldn't be so low or frequent. But they will be there. For the exciting addition of Jimmer Fredette, there's the ... less visually enthralling reacquisition of John Salmons. Paul Westphal says that the team will play a more wide-open style ... but every coach says that in the preseason.

What do you think? Will the Kings be a constant cringe, something every NBA fan will want to watch or something in between?